End-user products

Google account backup


If you delete a file from your Google Drive, or an email, or a contact, or an event in Google Calendar, and then decide to get it back, most likely you would search for it in the trash bin.

But the files are kept there only for 30 days. You will lose your data with no chance of recovery after that period.

So it would be a wise decision to back up your Google account with third-party applications. Try Upsafe Google account backup.

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Office 365 Home cloud backup


Keeping data in the cloud is a wise decision. It is much safer to store your files in Office365 rather than on your old home desktop. But new technologies mean new threats.

If you share your files in OneDrive with your friends and give them full access to your cloud data they may occasionally delete them. You will lose your files forever with no chance of recovery.

But if you regularly backup your Offcie365 home files to another cloud the security level will significantly increase.

Try Upsafe Office 365 home cloud backup and enjoy the enhanced level of security.

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Free Gmail backup


There are several situations when you can lose your Google emails:

  • You deleted an email more than 30 days ago. The emails are kept in the trash bin only for a month.
  • You have overrun your Google storage quota.
  • Your account can be hacked or infected by a virus.

Whatever the reason, you lose your data and you lose money. Try Upsafe free Gmail backup to keep reserve copies of your emails and always have an easy access to them.

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Free Office 365 Outlook backup


When many people are involved in one project the risk of data loss significantly increases.

UpSafe Free Office365 backup helps you to minimize the risks so that you could share your documents with your collaborators all over the world with no fear of losing data.

UpSafe allows you to schedule automated backup and exact restore of your data.

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SMB products

Google Apps backup


UpSafe Backup protects all of your organization’s Google Apps data from expensive and even disastrous data loss. It allows your users to get data back exactly the way it was just a few seconds ago.

UpSafe will automatically back up your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Sites every day to the cloud. We do not have any access to the original data, we only back up its copies. So if your GoogleApps are ruined, you can quickly restore your data with our simple user-friendly interface.

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Office 365 cloud backup


The more people work together on one project, the more is the risk of data loss. But UpSafe backup for Office365 brings these risks to the minimum, and you can freely share your documents with collegues all over the world.

UpSafe provides scheduled automated backup and accurate restore and safely protects your data.

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Upsafe free Gmail backup review by Kim Komando, America’s Digital Goddess


UpSafe is a simple and free Windows program that will back up what you’ve got, and automatically back up your future Gmail activity.

UpSafe is as user-friendly as it gets. Sign in with Google, choose the destination on your hard drive for your backup, and go. Then you can schedule automatic backups, and you can always look at your download history.



Giga Software Upsafe free Gmail backup review [in German]


Free Gmail Backup allows you to regularly backup all emails and attachments in your Gmail account. Even though we have plenty of space in Gmail, a local backup may be useful.

With Free Gmail Backup you can save your emails on your hard disk and have access to them even after you have deleted them from your Google account.

You can set up a shedule for your backup with many different options. You can set upregular backup at certain intervals. This and many other functions are available after you register for free.