Why should I use Gmail backup?

  • Your account can be hacked
  • Your account can be disabled
  • Email is deleted due to a user error
  • Gmail can be a subject to an outage
  • Program error can erase some of your content
  • The internet connection many be unavailable
  • You can overrun Gmail storage quota
  • Your account is infected by a virus

Filter files and messages by size/type

Set up advanced filtering options to narrow your search.

Scheduled backup

You can schedule the backup to run automatically at a predefined time and to copy only new messaged from your mailbox.


Save all your emails together with attachements locally and delete them from Gmail account

Full backup history

See the full backup history.

Preview backup messages

You can see backed up email messages in Backup View dialog: read text, view attachments.

Restore selected messages

Select one or several messages to restore them.


New Cloud Google Account backup app

We recommend you to try our new cloud Google Account backup app and enjoy the following features:

  • Access your data from anywhere.
  • Backup 5Gb of your Google Account to the cloud for free.
  • Retrieve your whole Google account or just selected folders or files.
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Coming features


Encrypt your files before sending them to the cloud with one of the standard encryption algorythms.

Store emails in PST format

Get advantages of working with MS Outlook.