UpSafe Backup protects all of your Google Account data from disastrous data loss. It allows you to get data back exactly the way it was just a few minutes ago.

UpSafe will automatically back up your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Sites every day to the cloud. We do not have any access to the original data, we only back up its copies. So if your Google account is ruined, you can quickly restore your data with our simple user-friendly interface.

Google drive backup

If you share your files with outsiders you put your Google Drive data at huge risk. Upsafe allows you to set up automatic backup for your Google Drive and forget these worries forever.

Gmail backup

Enhance your Gmail security by backing up your Google mailbox. Now you will always be able to retrieve deleted emails from Gmail.

Google Contacts backup

If you deleted a contact in Google you can restore it from trash, but it is kept there only for 30 days. Forget about this limitation with Upsafe Google Contacts backup option.

Google Calendar backup

When you work together with other people on the same project and share your GCalendar events with them they can delete the data that you still need. Backup your Calendar with our app and don’t be afraid to lose your data.

Search and granular recovery

No need to restore the whole account in case of data loss. Enjoy the advanced options of searching and granular restore of your Google Account.

Storage limit

You can back up 5 Gb of your Google account data with the free version. There are no limits with the premium account which is 2$ per month.

Back up to the cloud

Enhance your cloud data security by keeping the reserve copies in another cloud.

On-demand or automated backup

Set up automatic schedule for the backups or run the backup plan manually whenever you need.


Free Premium
Gmail backup check-ul check-ul
Google Drive backup check-ul check-ul
Google Contacts backup check-ul check-ul
Google Calendar backup check-ul check-ul
Storage limit 5 Gb Unlimited
Backup to cloud storage check-ul check-ul
On-demand backup check-ul check-ul
Email support check-ul Priority
Automated backup check-ul check-ul
Search and granular recovery check-ul check-ul
Full or granular backup check-ul check-ul
Archiving check-ul check-ul
Price Free $2/user per month

Coming soon

  • Google Photos backup
  • Google Sites backup
  • Hangouts backup
  • Full or granular Google account backup
  • Restore to another account

Upsafe Google Account backup reviews

Upsafe free Gmail backup review by Kim Komando, America’s Digital Goddess


UpSafe is a simple and free Windows program that will back up what you’ve got, and automatically back up your future Gmail activity.

UpSafe is as user-friendly as it gets. Sign in with Google, choose the destination on your hard drive for your backup, and go. Then you can schedule automatic backups, and you can always look at your download history.

Giga Software Upsafe free Gmail backup review [in German]


Free Gmail Backup allows you to regularly backup all emails and attachments in your Gmail account. Even though we have plenty of space in Gmail, a local backup may be useful.

With Free Gmail Backup you can save your emails on your hard disk and have access to them even after you have deleted them from your Google account.

You can set up a shedule for your backup with many different options. You can set upregular backup at certain intervals. This and many other functions are available after you register for free.