OneDrive Security Vault

OneDrive Personal Vault is a special protected partition of OneDrive where users could lock their “most sensitive and important files.” They would access that area only after a second step of identity verification, ranging from a fingerprint or face scan to a self-made PIN, a one-time code texted to the user’s smartphone or the use … Continued

Sharepoint Security Practices

Permissions You can easily secure your files by storing them on any SharePoint site and making sure, the site has unique security settings. The content that is stored on a site (all document libraries, other web parts) inherit permissions from that site. Setting security at the site level is considered the best practice in SharePoint.  … Continued

G Suite Anti-Phishing Practices

Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as email addresses, usernames, passwords, credit card details and others , often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy source. We see most of these delivered by email, many times by a trustworthy sender as their account has been compromised and the trap email sent to … Continued

OneDrive for Business Features

Considering picking up OneDrive for Business as your major collaboration tool? Here are a couple of features that will help you make the right decision: Storage Device storage is a precious commodity that most users are hesitant to give up. In the past, OneDrive would ask you jeopardize “my precious” device storage, as accessing a … Continued

Office 365 Data Recovery


When it comes to Office 365 data recovery and cloud-based applications in general, there can be confusion over how backup works. And because O365 operates within the cloud, it’s easy to assume it’s already backed up; isn’t that what the cloud is all about? That’s a common misconception. The cloud does not free your organization … Continued

G Suite Security Enhancement

A number of important G Suite security enhancements have been introduced this summer. Here’s the critical one: A new beta program will help admins assess their organization’s exposure to security issues and collaborate with colleagues to remediate them, through new admin collaboration and automation features. “This beta will also allow you to send notifications to … Continued

OneDrive for Business: Advantages.

In this text we’d like to stress out some meaningful advantages of OneDrive for business compared to the normal one: All OneDrive users automatically start out with a respectable 15 GB of free storage. You can get even more free storage in a number of ways, such as referring people, activating your camera roll, and … Continued

6 Easy Steps to SharePoint Security

Control User Access with Permissions SharePoint has built-in security features that, as a Site Administrator, allow you to control who has access to sites and/or specific content – including monitoring exact documents and seeing when they were accessed. Every individual site is part of a Site Collection – a group formed in a hierarchical structure … Continued

SharePoint: Summer Update

SharePoint page/news authoring improvements Refinements keep coming – simply to make it easier to create beautiful, consumable news and pages, with numerous new options for authors. Create your page or news article to best share durable, mixed-media information to your team or across the enterprise. Let’s look at the five new updates: Drag and drop … Continued

Microsoft OneDrive: Three Major Features.

Here are some Microsoft OneDrive features you, dear business owners, might find useful: 1. File Sharing As you might have expected, OneDrive will allow you to share and send files to your co-workers. It is the foundation of the service and this feature is very popular among the users. You need to have a Microsoft … Continued