Office 365 Backup Malfunction Resolved!

office 365 backup repairs

  As UpSafe Office 365 backup users might have noticed, the latest Office 365 API update caused troubles for applications using it. This update has put UpSafe Office 365 backup as well as solutions released by our competitors, out of order with the following error: “An ExchangeImpersonation SOAP header must contain a user principal name, user … Continued

New features in UpSafe corporate G Suite backup and Office 365 backup


Upsafe team is consistently working to improve the performance of our corporate G Suite backup and Office 365 backup solutions. We are constantly working through the functional requests we receive from our clients. We put maximum effort to make our corporate G Suite backup, Office 365 backup solutions meet our clients needs. So, here’s the … Continued

Cloud backup security – is it weaker than on-premises system ?

Data security

These last years cloud computing proved its worth. Henceforth, the value of data management and moreover data risk management (e.g. G suite cloud backup security and Office 365 cloud backup security) has been increasing in line. Nowadays, most companies believe in the need to severely improve the security and availability of their data storage access. Yet … Continued

Google G Suite backup and 5 more cool things you can do with it


Google Drive is that file storage service which is the part of Google G Suite. Google Drive is often considered only as Google Docs that include Google Sheets and online presentations. It works similar to Dropbox and other online file-sharing services, but it has much more cool features. In today’s article I want to tell … Continued

G Suite Backup: preventing 3 major threats to your G Suite data

3 major threats to your corporate Google Apps data

If you’ve decided to move your corporate data from on-premises files and documents to the cloud platform like Google G Suite (i.e. backup your g suite), you have made a wise step. Google is a large company that has huge data centers and lots of employees that take care of the end users’ data. So … Continued

How to use MS Outlook offline

How to use MS Outlook offline

We have already told in one of the previous article how to access Google Documents offline. This is a really nice picture, especially for those times when your internet connection is down. However, there are also many companies that use Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 instead of Google apps. What can they do in such … Continued