New Audition Log Feature!

We are constantly working to improve our services. We think this is super important, especially in cases like this one, when we actually decided to implement a specific function due to request from our customer.   So, a few words about audition log feature and why it’s so important: it’s all about the levels of … Continued

Office 365, the enterprise industry leader.

Office 365

Enterprises worldwide choose Office 365 instead of G Suite by Google. There are 2 major reasons – the clear superiority of Microsoft Office 365 as an enterprise solution and hidden costs of G Suite. Indeed, organization look for a trustworthy provider when transferring to the cloud, and, you know, who else but Microsoft..? Privacy, security … Continued

Non-profit Backup Offer!


Here’s what non-profit backup is all about: When people and organizations are working to make lives of others easier – we appreciate that. When this is not for profit and adressed at those in need – we are the first to offer our helping hand. We can’t do a lot but what we can do … Continued

Backupify Sharepoint backup VS UpSafe Sharepoint backup


Backupify Sharepoint backup is one of the leading solutions on the market. Indeed, it is a very capable solution, covering sites, document libraries, templates and assets. Overall, protecting your Sharepoint environment is crucial, because, being actively used, Sharepoint contains the whole knowledge base of your company, all of your intellectual capital. Therefore, the easiest choice is … Continued

Protecting your Google documents after upload: google drive backup


So, you’ve uploaded some critically important documents to Google Drive Now – how can you ensure its safety? The first option that would come to one’s mind is to keep a printed copy, but in the age of cloud technologies we dare to offer a much more elegant solution: google drive backup. Upsafe Google drive … Continued

Cloud storage: How to Backup Google Drive?

backup google drive

If you’re thinking how to backup Google Drive you should have already faced data loss. So now you are facing a relatively wide choice of solutions, choosing what to use. We have no doubt that our solution to backup Google Drive – UpSafe G Suite backup has the best price/quality ratio.   We offer not … Continued

Backup Microsoft OneDrive: How and Why?

backup microsoft

How to backup Microsoft OneDrive? Why to backup Microsoft OneDrive? While the second question has a pretty simple answer, answering the first one might be still quite uneasy.   Although, we in UpSafe are sure that our Office 365 backup tool shows its best in OneDrive backup as well as corporate emails, contacts, calendar and … Continued

Import, restore, or backup contacts in Gmail

backup contacts

One of the major goals of your business continuity system is to backup contacts. Here’s what Google officially has to say  –  you can’t do much more than just re-storing the last changes. Although this does not answer how exactly to backup contacts in Google.   We suggest using UpSafe G Suite backup – a … Continued

Urgent tasks: Team Drive Backup (Importing Spaces).

team drive backup

We keep on posting answers for frequently asked questions regarding team drive backup. In this article Kenneth explains how to make a backup locally in a 5-step (!) process. Indeed, it’s a viable solution yet we think that it is not optimal. At the same time we’re here to bring you the most optimal solution: UpSafe … Continued