UpSafe Helps Saving Lives

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Hero HQ, provides the highest quality first aid training. Based in Pakenham, Australia, they believe it is the standard of instruction coupled with exceptional customer service that truly sets them apart in their industry. Hero HQ’s vision drives every aspect of their business, from initial contact right through to training; they aim to exceed all expectations … Continued

G Suite Data Recovery II

g suite data recovery

Keeping data of major importance in the cloud (G Suite) has become an industry standard lately. To protect is with 100% guarantee does not look like something that can be done, given the variety of internal and external threats. In this regard it is much more important to be able to restore what has been … Continued

G Suite Data Recovery

g suite data recovery

Imagine your worst nightmare has come true: all shields are down, and someone has managed to access your G Suite domain, removed or corrupted the most critical data. Let’s look at some built-in and third-party options that will help you perform a full-scale G Suite data recovery. All of the principal G Suite elements, including … Continued

UpSafe Office 365 Backup: Reasons


Office 365 has secured its place among the principal tools of enterprise-level cooperation, which has caused Office 365 backup issue to emerge. Microsoft is doing a lot to ensure files and documents are always accessible and backed up. It even prides itself in its 99.9% service up-time with regular backups. In a blog post on its … Continued

HIPAA-compliance and Office 365 Backup

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The HIPAA Security Final Rule, the last of the three HIPAA rules, was published in the February 20, 2003 Federal Register with an effective date of April 21, 2003. Most CEs had two full years – until April 21, 2005 – to comply with these standards. A majority of covered entities, especially providers, did not … Continued

HIPAA/GDPR Compliant G Suite and Office 365 Backup

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According to the GDPR covers all personal data defined as any data from which a living individual is identified or identifiable, whether directly or indirectly. This broad definition includes data outside the scope of HIPAA, but GDPR includes specific requirements relating to “sensitive personal data” such as racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical … Continued

UpSafe Backup in Power Line Construction

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Rokstad Power provides a full suite of power line construction and maintenance services. Based in Western Canada, Rokstad Power has operations in strategic locations across Canada and the United States. With more than 600 employees and an extensive fleet of equipment, Rokstad Power is positioned to meet the growing demand for electricity and the need … Continued

UpSafe Office 365 Backup in Healthcare.


Since 1922, Barrett Hospital & Healthcare has been providing people of southwestern Montana with the medical care they need (now with the help of UpSafe Office 365 backup solution). Recognized as a leader in rural health facilities, we have been named Top 100 Critical Access Hospital among more than 1,300 similarly sized hospitals across the … Continued

UpSafe: 3 Years of Progress

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It’s been three years since we got our first users subscribed for G Suite backup and Office 365 backup solution. UpSafe team has become bigger since then, a lot of work has been done: backups and restores have become several times faster; functionality reached the best industry standards; top-level stability and legal compliance have become … Continued

HIPAA-compliant Office 365 Backup for Healthcare Organizations

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UpSafe Office 365 backup is a universally applicable tool for any organization that values its data, and this becomes an issue or real importance when we speak of human lives. This short article highlights three major reasons for healthcare organizations to consider using UpSafe Office 365 backup solution to protect and archive their data.   … Continued