SharePoint Benefits SMBs

Customisation Staff are able to create and customise pages as needed. It’s designed to be edited by end users, so staff feel like they have control over their digital working environment. They can also design their projects in a way that makes sense to them. The pages are all WYSIWYG – what you see is … Continued

Using OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business with its 1 TB of storage is your personal online storage for the workplace. It is different from OneDrive, which is 5 gigabytes (GB) of online storage from Microsoft that anyone can use for free with an, Hotmail, or account. While a document library in SharePoint is great if you’re … Continued

OneDrive for Small Business

Work Offline with the OneDrive for Business Sync Tool The cloud enables users to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time. But sometimes, you just don’t have internet access. OneDrive for Business offers a tool that helps you get around your Wi-Fi troubles and allows you to work offline. In order to work … Continued

SharePoint for Small Businesses

It’s easy to define the benefits of SharePoint for small business. SharePoint Online offers the affordability of a monthly subscription service that can be accessed from any digital device. Documents can easily be uploaded and then worked on by multiple users without the traditional version control issues that plague many collaborative teams. An internal website … Continued

Key OneDrive Business Features

Here are two key features to choose OneDrive:  Document Scanning to OneDrive With document scanning it’s easy to create digital copies of paper documents, receipts, business cards or whiteboard notes, for example. All you need is a mobile device; simply scan the hard copy in question using your device’s camera. What’s more, multiple pages or … Continued

SharePoint: Improvements for Business

Here are some SharePoint Online business improvements: Improved Support for Business Processes Businesses rely on SharePoint to support collaboration, business process automation and custom business applications. Moving complex workloads to the cloud can get messy. Fortunately, SharePoint 2019 includes process automation and forms technologies like PowerApps and Flow to connect with your on-premises data. Administration/Infrastructure … Continued

Choosing SharePoint Online

Here are some reasons to choose SharePoint Online instead of the on-premises one for your business: Easier to manage The SharePoint on-prem version works using the web front end, database server and the application server to deliver services configured on them. This is why managing SharePoint on-prem can be quite complex. You will need to … Continued

Secure Sharing With OneDrive

The big advantage of cloud storage like OneDrive is that it simplifies sharing files — especially for large files in specialised file formats, like CAD files and other complex illustrations that need their own viewers (or the expensive original software). OneDrive’s web front-end solves that problem with its built-in preview tools, making it easy to … Continued

Three Tips for Sharepoint Users

Here are some key functionalities, vital for any Sharepoint-using business: Make the All Pages View the Default View for the Site Pages Library The “out of the box” default “By Author” view of the Site Pages is not nearly as helpful as the All Pages view for managing sites. Make the All Pages view your … Continued

Key Sharepoint Features for Business

If an organization decides to implement SharePoint Online and O365, a firm Standard Operating Data Storage Procedure for files and end-user training need to be enforced to better guarantee continuity across the organization.. But who is going to draft the guidelines for an organization to ensure best practices? Here are some key features to keep … Continued