Utilizing Google Drive for Business

Offline Support: While Google Drive is a cloud service, it has an offline mode that let’s you view and edit files without a Wi-Fi connection. Business users will certainly value this tool for situations such as plane travel or for staying in an on-premises environment. For this functionality, you will need to be using the … Continued

Cornerstone Sharepoint Security Practices

SharePoint is an incredibly useful tool for businesses, as it allows employees in all departments to work together effectively.  However, using SharePoint to share sensitive data and other content can present serious security risks for your organization.  Follow these SharePoint security tips to create a secure SharePoint environment and an overall effective security strategy. 1. … Continued

G Suite Security: Advanced Practices

Google recently announced at its cloud conference in Tokyo that it will begin offering “high-risk” G Suite accounts a version of its own, enhanced in-house security. Called the Advanced Protection Program, the set of security protocols is currently rolling out to G Suite users in a beta program. The program requires the use of physical … Continued

Free Desktop Backup Application UpDate

Hello there! We hope the holidays have gone well for all of you, as they have for us. Busy time, a lot has been done. We have received numerous complaints about how our desktop application was operating. Now it has all been fixed. All you need to do is just run the application on your … Continued

Happy Holidays

We’re so happy you’ve been with us for another amazing year! Thank you for trusting us your precious data, thank you for your patience and support! We wish you all the best in the upcoming year! UpSafe team wishes you happy holidays: merry Christmas, happy New Year, happy Hanukah and any other important things you’re … Continued

OneDrive Security for SMBs

Here are some OneDrive tips, SMBs might find useful: 1. Security Managing security is a top priority independent of where your systems are located. SharePoint is a poster child for what can go wrong when giving customers what they ask for. In concept, SharePoint objects inherit their security from their parents. This works well until … Continued

Sharepoint: Features for SMBs

Microsoft Sharepoint is a great collaboration tool for all kinds of teams. Here are four features that can be especially useful for SMBs:  1. Customer and Member Portals SharePoint is often thought of as an internal tool; however, it can be configured to grant access to members and clients. This opens up a world of … Continued

Fresh G Suite Security Enhancements

Google has recently introduced a number of game-changing security enhancements for G Suite. Here’s some important information in this regard: Advanced Protection The Advanced Protection option was in beta since August 2019, and is now generally available to all G Suite editions and on by default. It allows admins to enforce a specific set of … Continued

OneDrive Security Vault

OneDrive Personal Vault is a special protected partition of OneDrive where users could lock their “most sensitive and important files.” They would access that area only after a second step of identity verification, ranging from a fingerprint or face scan to a self-made PIN, a one-time code texted to the user’s smartphone or the use … Continued

Sharepoint Security Practices

Permissions You can easily secure your files by storing them on any SharePoint site and making sure, the site has unique security settings. The content that is stored on a site (all document libraries, other web parts) inherit permissions from that site. Setting security at the site level is considered the best practice in SharePoint.  … Continued