Restore Sharepoint in One Click with UpSafe Backup!

restore sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is among the most sophisticated enterprise-level collaboration tools. Therefore to restore Sharepoint folders within the structure has been one of the most requested features for our customers. Now UpSafe offers an effective and elegant solution – Restore Sharepoint feature with our Office 365 Backup for Businesses solution. Our newly released Restore Sharepoint feature … Continued

Backup: Having All Set for GDPR


There’s no doubt that keeping a backup of your company’s data is crucial. Physical storage devices are not reliable and therefore, have failed to natural selection. Local storage is vulnerable to physical influences, such as energy supply, natural disasters and of course human factor. Nowadays if we speak of storage, cloud is a thing and … Continued

Top Five AWS Best Practices.


The AWS safe global infrastructure and services are controlled and managed by AWS and provide a reliable foundation for business systems and individual applications. AWS develops high standards for information security with the cloud as its platform, and has an extensive and holistic set of control objectives, extending from physical security via software acquisition and … Continued

13 Steps to Prepare for GDPR to Take Right Now.


General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR), coming into effect on the  25th of May 2018, will pose new standards of operating with data. You don’t need to wait till next year to get prepared, so here are some steps we recommend: Awareness. Make sure you and every other decision-maker or influencer in your … Continued

GDPR Compliance and Backup for UK


European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into power on the 25th of May 2018, replacing the outdated DPD (Data Protection Derivative), issued in mid 90’s. United Kingdom follows this initiative by issuing the new DPA compliant with GDPR, replacing the former UK Data Protection Act.   Therefore, the requirements for every organization, storing … Continued

GDPR-compliant Backup for G Suite and Office 365


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) aims the unification of data storage rules all across the EU. To keep it simple: GDPR-compliant means “keeping personal user data on EU territory”. The main reason beyond this project is to simplify the legal field for international companies, which we and you, our readers, will … Continued

Migrating to Google Team Drives: Best Practices

migrating team drives

Part I reviewed Google Team Drives in general, their functionalities and how they can be of use for enterprises, seeking to empower the collaboration opportunities of their employees. We enlisted some vital tips to keep in mind while planning the migration to Google Team Drives. Part II which you are reading now goes deeper into … Continued

Migrating to Google Team Drives: Major Tips.


  Cloud technologies have been developing greatly since early 2000s and now a lot of companies understand the benefits of equipping their employees with the most advanced collaboration tools. Indeed, there is a wide choice of cloud technologies for teamwork: some of them help team members store materials with the option to access them remotely; … Continued

Team Drive and Google Drive: Pros and Cons


Team Drive used to be the most anticipated G Suite feature before its release in early 2017. Although When you actually start sorting out your data there comes a choice between normal “My Drive” folders and Team Drives. Which one is better? As you might have guessed there is no clear answer to this question: … Continued

Microsoft Sharepoint: Comparing to Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business have a lot in common yet there is a set of unique features which makes the former a more sophisticated teamworking tool. OneDrive is an onlineplatform designed to store files and documents of every possible kind. Usually its users/consumers are those who have a need for safe place to store important … Continued