13 Steps to Prepare for GDPR to Take Right Now.


General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR), that came into effect on the  25th of May 2018, poses new standards of operating with data. Here are some steps we recommend: Awareness. Make sure you and every other decision-maker or influencer in your company is aware of what exactly is going to change. Information audit. Check what … Continued

Backup: Having All Set for GDPR


There’s no doubt that keeping a backup of your company’s data is crucial. Physical storage devices are not reliable and therefore, have failed to natural selection. Local storage is vulnerable to physical influences, such as energy supply, natural disasters and of course human factor. Nowadays if we speak of storage, cloud is a thing and … Continued

HIPAA/GDPR Compliant G Suite and Office 365 Backup

hipaa gdpr office 365 backup g suite backup

According to iaap.org the GDPR covers all personal data defined as any data from which a living individual is identified or identifiable, whether directly or indirectly. This broad definition includes data outside the scope of HIPAA, but GDPR includes specific requirements relating to “sensitive personal data” such as racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical … Continued

UpDates. Vol I, June 2018


UpSafe has done a lot of improvements into our Office 365 Backup and G Suite Backup systems. We decided that it would be a good idea to keep in touch with you, our audience, to keep you updated on what’s new @ UpSafe. Here’s what we managed to improve during the last month:   We have … Continued

Office 365 Backup and GDPR Compliance

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EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is now in effect and we continue our series of useful tips on getting ready to it with this short article about Office 365 backup. Clearly not every company has managed to complete all the procedures, although there is a comparatively easy way to keep your Office 365 data, such as emails, … Continued

GDPR-compliant Backup for G Suite and Office 365


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) aims the unification of data storage rules all across the EU. To keep it simple: GDPR-compliant means “keeping personal user data on EU territory”. The main reason beyond this project is to simplify the legal field for international companies, which we and you, our readers, will … Continued

GDPR-compliant Microsoft OneDrive Backup: UpSafe

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Microsoft OneDrive has secured its place as one of the major tools of hosting data in the cloud, that can be accessed by any of a specific Microsoft account’s owners. Lots of companies use it to store valuable data so it’s no surprise that OneDrive backup has become an issue of major relevance lately. Microsoft … Continued

GDPR Compliance Discount!


GDPR is here. Long live the king! And we are here to help you reach the desired level of GDPR Compliance. Upsafe Backup provides the best backup solution for Google G Suite (corporate Gmail backup) and Office 365. It helps you ensure the critical data from your SaaS application and allows you to focus on … Continued

Office 365 Backup. Threats. Part II


This week we’ll continue looking at the possible threats to Office 365 a.k.a. reasons to use Office 365 backup to protect your most valuable data. Last week we touched upon the actual threats for the data to disappear without Office 365 backup: hacker attacks, expiration and human factor. Today we’ll cover some key advantages of … Continued

Office 365 Backup: Threats. Part I.


Office 365 backup as a topic in general has emerged recently, because of many companies’ use of this agile and extremely capable collaboration network. Although, great opportunities bring great risks: keeping all of your data, including even the most valuable one, in one place is a threat as such, and the fact that it’s “in … Continued