6 Easy Steps to SharePoint Security

Control User Access with Permissions SharePoint has built-in security features that, as a Site Administrator, allow you to control who has access to sites and/or specific content – including monitoring exact documents and seeing when they were accessed. Every individual site is part of a Site Collection – a group formed in a hierarchical structure … Continued

SharePoint: Summer Update

SharePoint page/news authoring improvements Refinements keep coming – simply to make it easier to create beautiful, consumable news and pages, with numerous new options for authors. Create your page or news article to best share durable, mixed-media information to your team or across the enterprise. Let’s look at the five new updates: Drag and drop … Continued

Microsoft OneDrive: Three Major Features.

Here are some Microsoft OneDrive features you, dear business owners, might find useful: 1. File Sharing As you might have expected, OneDrive will allow you to share and send files to your co-workers. It is the foundation of the service and this feature is very popular among the users. You need to have a Microsoft … Continued

Google Drive: Features for Business

Here are some of the features in Google Drive that will appeal to business users: Sharing to Groups: Sharing files is a big part of the Google Drive package, making it easy for users to pass documents to each other. Organizations typically need to move files to a larger pool of recipients than a single … Continued

Sharepoint: Three Advantages

Collaboration SharePoint is a rich, open platform that makes it easy to create and share business information from a single location. SharePoint and OneDrive can seamlessly connect employees with the documents, information, people, and projects they need to perform their jobs. Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams fill gaps in business communication and use technology … Continued

Cloud Services for SMBs: OneDrive

OneDrive is certainly great for large enterprises — but what about small business owners? While it can be tempting to assume that such a powerful suite is overkill for an SMB, nothing could be further from the truth; OneDrive offers some superb and affordable features that can improve an SMBs operations. Here are some of … Continued

UpDates. Vol X, Summer 2019

It’s been over 6 months since our last “UpDates” volume. Much has been done to improve the speed and stability with which our system works, but that’s not something we could write about: another 10% better/faster/stronger is not something we believe you would like to read about. At last, we’ve released a couple of very … Continued

Google Drive: SMB’s Best Friend

Google Drive for Work will also make it easier for employees to work with their Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files while on the go. Google has integrated its Quickoffice app with its Docs, Sheets and Slides programs, so employees can open and edit those documents in their native format directly on Android devices and … Continued

SharePoint UpDates: Opening a Pandora’s Box

SharePoint updates make our user experience more and more sleek, while every SharePoint update is a Pandora’s box. Here are some tips to be prepared for the calamities: Plan it out No matter what method you choose, you’re bound to have down-time in one form or another. Whether it’s a full farm outage or a … Continued

G Suite Data Recovery

g suite data recovery

Imagine your worst nightmare has come true: all shields are down, and someone has managed to access your G Suite domain, removed or corrupted the most critical data. Let’s look at some built-in and third-party options that will help you perform a full-scale G Suite data recovery. All of the principal G Suite elements, including … Continued